Weber™ LA-2050 Tamp-Blow Applicator

This robust system offers maximum performance in a small compact footprint using a highly-efficient low-energy tamp-blow applicator for contactless labeling. Labeling accuracy is ±0.05 inches. The LA-2050 is perfect for small e-commerce fulfillment companies or anyone needing to automate their labeling for the first time. Featuring a variable stroke tamp and sensor, the LA-2050 provides automatic labeling for products of different heights. Able to apply up to 25 labels per minute, the system can be used as part of an automated production line or as a stand-alone unit in a jig fixture for accurate labeling. The LA-2050 uses a 300-dpi Sato CLNX thermal-transfer label printer that can print thermal-transfer or direct thermal labels as small as 1.1” x 1.5” up to 4.7” x 6.2” (ideal for 4”x 6” shipping labels). The printer uses an 8” label roll and up to 1968-foot ribbons for longer continuous operation between changes. The printer works with many programming languages such as ZPL, DPL, IPL, and TPL without having to change any settings. Print jobs are sent to the Sato printer which then feeds the printed labels to the LA-2050 for application. The system is easy to operate and can quickly integrate into your current production line. Data interfaces include USB, LAN, Bluetooth and IEEE1284.

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Features include: 

• Sato CLNX label printer
• Applies up to 25 labels per minute
• Prints and applies labels up to 4.7” x 6.2”
• Uses 1968’ ribbons and 8.5” diameter label rolls
• Works with automated production line or as a stand-alone system in a warehouse

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