Weber™ Alpha Label Applicator

The Alpha Compact unit will automatically unwind the supply roll and will peel the labels from their liner. It then wipes them on to products, cartons and other packages as they travel past the system on a conveyor line. This system applies labels up to 4.7” wide and 11.8” long at speeds up to 164 feet per minute to a tolerance of ±0.03”. The versatile unit can be oriented to apply labels to the sides, tops or bottoms of packages. To accommodate various warehouse environments, the Alpha Compact can be specified for right- or left-hand applications.

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Features include: 

Applies labels up to 4.7” wide x 11.8” long

• Runs at up to 164 feet/minute

• Labels tops, bottoms or sides of packages

• Accurate labeling to within ±0.03”

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