UVI Stretch Film

Ultraviolet Inhibitor (UVI), is an additive used in making stretch films that require protection from sunlight. 

When a non-uvi stretch film begins to deteriorate, the physical makeup of the film begins to change, resulting in yellowing, discoloration chalking, and then eventually breaking down completely. Additionally, UV exposure impacts the strength of the film, weakening it.  

To avoid this, a UVI additive is added during the manufacturing of the film. Once added, the UV inhibitors protect films anywhere from six months up to a year from premature breakdown — depending on the number of revolutions (total number of times the film is wrapped around the pallet) and the amount of stretch wrap used. 

UVI stretch film is used across an array of industries and applications, including: 

  • Construction industry and construction sites.
  • Landscaping industry to protect pavers and fencing.
  • Building industry products, such as bricks, cement, tiles, etc.
  • Bagged products stored outside for extended use (Salt, mulch, fertilizer)

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