Stretch Wrapping Machines

Almost every pallet that is shipped today uses stretch film to contain the load. If you are wrapping over 15 pallets of product a day, you should invest in some type of wrapping equipment. There are several reasons why these machines pay for themselves: Your pallets get wrapped faster allowing you to get more throughput, you are limiting your company's liability with workers compensation claims from awkward bending and twisting needed to manually wrap a pallet, and your pallets will have more consistency and have much better load containment to protect your products from shifting and tipping over.

Stretch Wrapping Machine Benefits:

The most quantifiable benefit is that you can reduce your usage by 50% or more as a result in the machine's ability to stretch the film 3 or 4 times more than a human can but in a consistent manner that will not cause the film to rip. Our line of Robopac stretch wrappers utilizes patented technology that no other manufacturers use in order to control film usage and apply varying levels of tension throughout the pallet. This is why they are the largest producer of stretch film wrapping equipment in the world and will continue to be a pioneer in the automation industry. We carry stretch film machines that will wrap anywhere from 15 pallets per hour all the way up to 240 pallets per hour on our high-speed wrappers.



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Robopac Stretch Wrapping Equipment
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