The most common types of stretch wrappers

There are several different types of stretch wrappers and each type has its own ideal application. Several factors are involved when choosing the type of wrapper that makes the most sense for your company. These factors include, but are not limited to, the quantity of pallets you want to wrap in an hour, how quickly you want to wrap each pallet, the weight of the items on the pallet, how stable the pallet is, how large the pallet is, how much physical space you have to place the wrapper, whether it make sense to bring the pallet to the wrapper or bring the wrapper to the pallet.

Here are the 5 most common types of wrappers, you can see all of the wrappers we carry by clicking this link.

Semi-automatic Turntable

These machines are typically used for medium volume applications (under 40 pallets per day) where the loads are stable and under 65” diagonally. There are several variations of this style that can include auto-start and film cut as well as an integrated scale.

Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm

This style of wrapper is typically used for very light loads that could fall over from the rotation of a turntable or extremely heavy loads that would be too heavy to rotate. They are also used as pods in grocery distribution and other high producing 3PL's.


Semi-Automatic Robot

The stretch wrapping robot is a perfect choice for light/unstable or extremely heavy/large loads. The robot has the ability to wrap an indefinite length or a "C-load" pallet. This style wrapper is extremely versatile and often has 1 operator for 3 or 4 robots in a shipping area.

Fully Automatic

There's a large range of fully auto wrappers that are designed for effiicient, safe, and high speed throughput.These machines operate completely unmanned and can wrap from 30-240 pallets per hour. Auto wrappers can typically handle multiple lines and are very nice additions to any high output plant.

Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Orbital stretch wrappers or horizontal stretch wrappers range in size and wrap by rotating the film around the pallet or product. These are made to wrap long pallets/products or to bundle products together. They can also be used to secure a product to a corrugated insert inside of the box to brace and suspend it similar to Korrvu®.

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