Stock Boxes

Stock boxes are less expensive when buying in low quantities as compared to custom packaging. It is also much faster to acquire stock boxes over custom packaging (1-2 days for stock, 7-14 days for custom.) 

There are thousands of different stock box sizes, and multiple styles too - ranging from Regular Slotted Containers (RSC), Multi-depth RSC’s, Gaylords, bookfolds, Full Overlap (FOL) boxes, and mailers. 

Stock mailers are a great option for achieving a custom die cut look for e-commerce shipments. The transition from stock to custom typically makes sense after 5,000 sq. ft. of material. The square footage can easily be calculated by measuring the blank length and blank width of your box when ripped open and laid completely flat. 

For support on this, please contact a Korpack Packaging Consultant.

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