Shrink Wrappers

If you need to bundle your product or just need to put a protective barrier over it to protect it from dust, moisture, air, or other contaminants, then using a shrink wrapping machine is going to be the most cost-effective solution. These machines range from simple semi-automatic versions that can produce 15-20 packages per minute up to highly automated systems that can wrap up to 180 packages a minute! After the item is wrapped it will typically go through a heat tunnel to shrink the film down and tightly conform to your product. These machines are very commonly used in the food industry for seafood, poultry, dairy, cheese, produce, frozen pizzas and other RTE (ready to eat) products. Printers and third-party fulfillment operations will also use this equipment to bundle brochures or other literature. We have partnered with Shanklin™ Shrink Wrapping machines to bring you a cost-effective and efficient solution for your shrink wrapping needs.

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