Shanklin® Triumph 2 Wrapper

Affordability, productivity, and versatility come together in a rugged compact unit. Located on each side of the 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer a80, traction-grip drive belts center and stabilize boxes for consistent, accurate sealing on top and bottom* of uniformly-sized RSCs.  Seal a range of box sizes with quick, easy adjustments.

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Features include: 

  • Easy Setup - Fully automatic operation; up to 25 discrete recipes with scale based reference points for repeatability
  • Fast - With a belt speed of 90 ft / minute the wrapper can process up to 60 packages per minute
  • Flexible - Generates product spacing on the fly from randomly presented products (fixed or random length) up to 7 1/2" tall
  • Picture Based Color Touch Screen - Multifunctional unit includes controls for speed, end seal and side seal temperatures, stop, start, slow run, spacing, dwell, diagnostics and much more
  • Integrated Shanklin Sabre® Side Sealer - Delivering quality Side Seals with minimal maintenance

Too much inventory, too many vendors and too high operation costs for your packaging?

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