Shanklin® HySpeed Series Equipment

The Shanklin® HySpeed Series are top-of-the-line shrink wrap machines that give you the speed and flexibility you need to meet evolving production demands.

Side-sealing models HS Servo 15 and 19 and overlap-sealing models HS-2 and HS-4 offer a multitude of features, including fully automatic product handling, speeds from 100 to 180 packages per minute, and the ability to accommodate a wide range of product lengths and shapes. All are available in USDA-approved models.

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Features include: 

  • Excellent value - The fastest, most dependable high-speed shrink wrap machines for the price!
  • Smooth operation - Features fully automatic continuous flow operation
  • Easy to use - Simple to set up and maintain; designed for quick, easy size changeovers; features user-friendly color touch screen controls
  • Built to last - Rugged 3/4-inch-thick aluminum frame
  • Versatile - Runs equally well at both high and low speeds; capable of handling a wide range of packages; can be used with virtually any type of film (depending on sealing system)
  • Innovative - Features new SmartWire system that extends wire life and increases operational efficiency
  • Customizable - Wide variety of options and accessories allow you to customize your HySpeed shrink wrap machine precisely to your application

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