Sealed Air Packaging Systems

We can recommend the best protective packaging. 

With innovative packaging and hygiene solutions — such as Bubble Wrap, Cryovac and Diversey — Sealed Air reimagines the industries they serve to create a better way for life. Sealed Air’s paper products are made of 100% recycled materials to help minimize environmental impact. The fiber is 100% renewable and all production scrap is reclaimed.

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NewAir I.B. Inflatable Cushioning Systems
The NewAir I.B.® Express inflatable cushioning system quickly produces Barrier Bubble® material at 55 ft. per minute in 12″ and 24″ film widths—fast enough to keep up with the most demanding packaging operations. Superior performance allows for less material usage and promotes reusability. Download PDF to learn more.

Fill-Air Rocket
Fill-Air® Rocket™ is an on-demand inflatable void-fill system designed to meet diverse fulfillment needs. Drawing on decades of best-in- class inflatable void-fill experience, the Fill-Air® Rocket™ system is fast, simple, light, and compact. Fill-Air® Rocket™ and its coordinating accessories allow businesses to create a custom platform for packaging operations of all sizes. Call us for more information!

FasFil EZ Auto
Sealed Air’s latest paper packaging void-fill system, the FasFil® EZ™ Auto, delivers a perfect solution for small-cell packing stations. Simple operation, small footprint and responsible packaging make this system a perfect addition to any packaging environment.

  • Easy to use – The new built-in automatic cutting technology allows for simple, smooth operation with easy paper release
  • Material savings – New Digital length display ensures a consistent length crimped pad for the perfect amount of packaging.
  • Sustainable – Offers a choice of both roll stock and fanfold paper configurations in multiple paper basis weights – all comprised of 100% recycled fiber

The FasFil® paper void-fill system is intuitive and efficient, requiring minimal training and maintenance. The system delivers our exclusive crimped paper at three different speeds to best fit your packaging operation. The crimping process not only shapes the paper but provides additional light-duty cushioning properties. Paper pads can be produced continuously at variable or fixed lengths using the foot pedal.


Unique Custom Options and Features …
The FasFil® system supports the broadest array of paper structures which are easily interchanged. TigerFill® paper material is now available in fanfold and roll stock configurations in various lengths and basis weights. The system height can be adjusted to best align with your existing conveyor system.

PackTiger Paper Cushioning
The PackTiger® paper packaging system from Sealed Air, the fastest paper packaging system in the industry, creates custom-length paper pads, up to 150 per minute, which can be used in a variety of packaging techniques, including cushioning and blocking and bracing. It can also be run in automatic mode, using easy, one-touch access buttons for frequently-used pad configurations. The bottom-loading design creates fast material changeovers, getting you up and running in no time. TigerPad® material, which contains 85% Post-Industrial and 15% Post Consumer recovered fibers equaling 100% recycled fiber. The end-user can easily reuse or recycle theTigerPad® material upon receipt of shipment, saving on natural resources. A patented, single-motor design reduces power consumption as compared to other paper systems resulting in greater energy conservation.

e-Cube Void Reduction System
The e-Cube® void reduction system automatically creates right-sized packaging for a wide variety of industries. Ideal for companies that ship anywhere from 300 to 3,000 boxes per day. The e-Cube® automated packaging system fully integrates and enhances your packaging line to get products out the door faster and more efficiently, leaving your customers completely satisfied.


The e-Cube® system automatically detects and measures void, providing a fully automated, custom-sized solution for each and every package, increasing the speed and efficiency of your operation.

FloWrap Automated Mailer System
A powerful solution for the high-volume, high-demand e-commerce market the FloWrap™ Automated Mailer System creates ready-to-ship, custom-sized polybag packages at a rate of up to 30 packs per minute (or more) – significantly faster than manual operations and faster than any other available automated packaging systems.

The only manual task required is to place the product on the conveyor with a barcode visible, and the system will do the rest – including identifying unlabeled or out of sequence orders.

I-Pack Automated Void Reduction System
The I-Pack® automated packaging system fully integrates and enhances your packaging line to get product out the door faster and more efficiently, leaving your customers completely satisfied.


The PakFormance™ system offers a wide range of benefits that include monitoring capabilities for quick detection of problems, process automation for labor savings, product flow control, product tracking and traceability, remote maintenance, and powerful analysis and reporting tools.

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