Sealed Air ™ Pad EZ

The PadEZ paper cushion system capitalizes on Sealed Air’s renowned technical expertise and innovation, and introduces several patented breakthroughs that will change the way we view paper cushioning forever.

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Features include: 

  • Easy Dispensing - Control the flow of material with the PadEZ™ system by choosing: push-button manual control, foot pedal operation, batching mode, or our Cut and Hold electronic dispensing system which automatically creates a pad and then pauses until you’re ready for the next one.
  • Easy Paper Handling: Roll Placement — The system can be loaded from the front or the rear
  • Easy Paper Handling: Adjustable Pad Width — Allows the operator to adjust the width to accommodate a variety of product demand for increased protection.
  • SmartStation™ control panel - Completely redesigned and intuitive interface that significantly reduces operator training.
  • Easy Positioning: Can be configured to stand upright, online, or horizontally for under-the-table placements.

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