Sealed Air ™ Jet Stream Delivery Solution

Jet Stream delivery solution paired with a Fill-Air® air pillow machine or NewAir I.B.® system provides on-demand, de-centralized inflatable packaging throughout your entire operation.

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Features include: 

  • Saves Warehouse Space - Storing packaging materials above packing stations saves floor space and reduces clutter
  • Cost Savings - One packaging system can service up to 8 stations, standardizing your operation and reducing your equipment investment
  • Effortlessly Integrates into Your Current Operation - Expertly installed and backed by Sealed Air’s technical service organization - the largest in the industry
  • Dependable - Flat bag detection insures only inflated cushions are delivered to overhead hoppers and the supply-sensitive photoeye monitors the material level and signals the packaging system when more material is needed

Too much inventory, too many vendors and too high operation costs for your packaging?

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