Sealed Air ™ Fill- Air Rocket Air Pillow Machine

Fill-Air® Rocket is an on-demand inflatable void-fill system designed to meet diverse fulfillment needs. Drawing on decades of best-in- class inflatable void-fill experience, this air pillow system is fast, simple, light, and compact. Fill-Air Rocket and its coordinating accessories allow businesses to create a custom platform for packaging operations of all sizes. 

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Features include: 

  • Unrivaled Speed – The Fill-Air Rocket air pillow machine produces 100 feet of void fill material air pillow cushions per minute. This allows your business to get more packages out the door with less down time at each station.
  • Simplified Operation- The Fill-Air Rocket system ensures foolproof operation with active film web tracking and bag length operation. Simply plug in and load film and the Fill-Air Rocket system is ready for operation.
  • Versatile Film Options- Fill-Air Extreme and Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency films are available in three widths (8”, 10” and 12”) and can be converted to two different air pillow cushion lengths, creating six possible air pillow sizes.
  • Adapts to Any Business - Our Fill-Air Rocket air pillow machine is not a standalone system. We offer accessories to fit small to large businesses. Create different workstation designs to maximize space without sacrificing output efficiency

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