Roll Stock Film

Roll Stock- A Flexible, Affordable Packaging Solution

 Roll stock is one of our most popular products. Roll stock is especially popular in the food industry but customers from other industries also frequently use it for a wide range of applications. Ultimately, roll stock offers tons of flexibility and works well in a variety of applications.Roll Stock Film

Roll stock offers many benefits, including:

Low costs: Even high-quality roll stock is very affordable.

Fast Speed: We can mass produce roll stock quickly, so you can start packaging your products right away.

Branding flexibility: High quality, multi-color printing of the most intricate designs and colors. We also include specialty finishes such a Matte or soft touch to add a unique look and feel to your roll stock film.

Need assistance with branding? Talk to the branding experts at Korpack who will help consult your team on making the appropriate packaging design brief.


What is Roll Stock?

 Roll stock refers to laminated film that’s put onto a roll. It is often used with form-fill-seal machinery (FFS). These machines can be used to shape the roll stock and to create sealed bags. The film is typically wound around a paperboard core (“cardboard” core, kraft core).  Roll stock is commonly converted to single use “stickpacks” or small bags for convenient on-the-go use for consumers. Examples include Vital Proteins collagen peptides stickpacks, various fruit snack bags, single-use dressing packets and crystal light.

Roll Stock for Any Industry

 Whether you need roll stock for food, makeup, medical devices, pharmaceuticals or whatever else, we can assemble the highest quality roll stock that meets your needs. Roll stock occasionally gets a bad reputation, but that’s due to low quality film that is not being used for the correct application. While Korpack is affordable, we never skimp on quality to undermine your manufacturing efficiencies.

Roll stock is often laminated as well. This will help protect your roll stock from water and gasses through the implementation of various barrier properties. Additionally, lamination can add an exceptional look and feel to your product.

The specific materials used will depend on your industry and the exact application. Some materials work better for some applications. When it comes to food and certain other products, there are regulatory considerations as well. it is imperative to choose the right materials to be safe for food contact, readably machinability, and adequate for printing.  There are multiple layers to stick pack films that give it unique properties and functionality.

Some roll stock materials to consider: Sealing Machine

  • VFFS & HFFS films
  • Vertical form-fill-seal
  • Horizontal form-fill-seal
  • Peel-able and resealable films
  • Zipper film
  • Nylon Barrier films
  • Metallized Films
  • Laminated Films
  • Pouch Films
  • Stick Pack Film
  • Tube stock
  • Shrink wrap
  • Flow wrap



What is an Impression?

 Before a stickpack is manufactured, it is referred to as an “impression” on the roll stock. In the picture below, the machine specifications are set to run this product as 7-out, meaning 7 impressions wide on the roll.

 Roll Stock Film Impression 

 An important consideration when dealing with machine specs is knowing the rules you need to abide to. If machine specs call out for a specific number of out then that means that the length and width of the impression are not able to be modified, only the impression height, because the length and width of the stickpack directly affect how many impressions are able to fit across on a roll.


The Benefit of Using Stickpack Film

The primary benefit of stick packaging over other forms of packaging is its convenience and ease of use. Stickpacks are narrow and easy to pour into a beverage of choice. Also, a single stick pack holds a single serving size so it’s convenient to hold in a pocket, purse, or backpack. Another benefit of the stickpacks small size is that the impact on the environment is less than other forms of packaging. The film is very thin and lightweight, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space as compared to rigid plastic containers. Its minimal environmental impact is great for consumers who are environmentally conscious.

An additional function of this package that provides an easy dispensing experience, is the tear notch and “easy tear” film. Unlike other stickpacks that you need scissors to open or don’t tear correctly resulting in product spillage, talk with a Korpack Consultant on one of our proprietary blends that enables easy opening with minimal effort. Since this is a package for on-the-go, having the easy tear function will let consumers be rest assured that they won’t have a problem opening this stickpack.

Various products come in the packaging form of a HDPE jug, stand-up pouch, or small PET bottle with dispensing closure. Due to its unique stickpack design, this product can breakout from the “Sea of Sameness” in the retail environment.

At Korpack, we offer a wide range of materials in roll stock film. We can help select the material that will best meet your packaging and manufacturing needs. As a leading packaging supplier, Korpack provides roll stock to companies across North America.

The benefits of using roll stock film are worth considering. Need top notch roll stock? Want to consult to see if you should switch into a package made from roll stock film? Interested in learning about our proprietary blends of film? Get in touch with Korpack today!

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