Robopac Rototech 3000 Stretch Wrapping Equipment



Rototech is the ideal solution for fully automatic wrapping of unstable products

The Heavy Duty Cut, Clamp and Seal System can save you an average of 2 minutes of labor per load. For the average customer, this translates to $60,000 in labor savings. 
The New Rototech with CUBE Technology will reduce your film usage by 30% to 55%, improve your load containment and reduce your product damage. 

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List Price: $23,695

Sale Price: $ Call for Price

Features Include:


  • Wireless connection
  • Color Touch Screen
  • Clamping and Cutting Device with Spreader, or Welder in Option
  • PVS Cartridge 

Too much inventory, too many vendors and too high operation costs for your packaging?

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