Stretch Wrapping Machine

Like all Robopac stretch wrappers, the EcoPlat is safe for your operators. It comes equipped with safety features like roll carriage Anti Fall Device, Roll Carriage Safety Stop and a 65” diameter diamond plated steel turntable that prevents your load from shifting during the wrapping process. A standard 40” X 48” pallet fits within the turntable reducing the risk of product damage or injury from overhanging pallets. The roll carriage on the EcoPlat is on the operator side of the machine to keep your operators safe and out of the wrapping area. 
The EcoPlat turntable is supported by 28 heavy duty casters and can handle a 4,400lb load. Weight capacity can be increased quickly and easily to 5,500 lbs.

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List Price: $5,845

Sale Price: $ Call for Price

Features Include:


  • Ecoplat Friction Roller Drive Roll Carriage
  • High-Grade Machine Construction 
  • Ecoplat Control Panel
  • Turntable Base that Supports up to 4400 Pounds

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