RFQ & RFP Bid Creation

Through extensive participation in thousands of regional and national RFP’s (Request For Proposal) and RFQ’s (Request For Quote) to negotiate contract pricing, there are two things our Korpack Packaging team has come to notice.

  1. They are often poorly constructed and are almost always set up by finance personnel or extremely expensive consulting firms that do not know much knowledge about packaging. 

    • By not constructing these documents properly, it makes it difficult and time-consuming for companies to submit their pricing, or at least their best pricing. This is because there is not enough information, or it is not laid out in a manner that speaks our language. There are a lot of great companies out there willing to give your company competitive pricing, but most likely do not have the time to spend days or weeks deciphering a poor RFP/RFQ. 

  2. Our biggest issue with RFQ's/RFP’s at Korpack is that they are based on past purchases, and they ask for pricing to do the same exact thing—without any analytics on the data provided.

    • We understand it is easier to compare apples to apples when all things are the same. We feel this is the easy way to go about business, but not the right way. Sending out an RFQ for the same items you have already been purchasing is not going to yield you the savings you are hoping to achieve. With our experienced and trained experts in packaging, we identify improvements of all sizes through strategic planning, sourcing, and buying, that "move the needle".

Although we would love the opportunity to participate in the RFP/RFQ we help you create, we may not be the best fit for your needs and we are not afraid to tell you that. We have a passion for helping companies grow with or without Korpack as your supplier which is why we offer services for RFQ and RFP creation and/or packaging consulting services to provide unbiased expertise and support from our professional packaging team. Please call or email to set up a free initial consultation to see the value Korpack can bring to you.

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Typical RFQ

Typical RFQ

Korpack Created RFQ

Korpack Created RFQ

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