Retail Packaging

Your retail packaging gives your customers the experience of touching your brand – even holding it in their hands. Every detail from the appearance to the texture and weight of the materials communicates details about your products that position your brand in the minds of your customers. And that doesn’t even account for the impact your retail packaging can have in today’s era of unboxing videos and online product reviews complete with video footage. Your retail packaging is communicating to your customers, past, present, and future. But what message is your packaging communicating?

Retail Packaging

Korpack Retail Packaging Solutions

Our services encompass every step in the process of providing retail packaging solutions, from design to prototyping to full production runs for retail operations of any size. Korpack’s retail packaging design services include four color process, corrugated and chip board boxes, and we can create an eye-catching design for any packaging that would go directly on the shelf of a grocery store, department store, or other national specialty store.

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Flexible Film Packaging

One technology we’ve leveraged in solutions developed for a variety of customers is our Flexible Film packaging. Flexible Film can be used in multiple ways and incorporates some of the best qualities of a number packaging types such as plastic and foil. It’s highly efficient to create, ship, and store, and it can be shaped and filled quickly. Using flexible film packaging can result in greater efficiencies in storage as well.

As in everything we do for our customers, packaging solutions developed using flexible films can include packaging and design work based on customers’ specifications. Or we can custom craft a specialized solution based on the unique needs of our customers.

As with all of our solutions, when we customize a plan for you, we’ll be straightforward with you about whether or not we can increase your efficiency (and we’ll detail exactly where and how much).  If we can’t, we’re not afraid to tell you that, either.

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Standing Out in the Crowded Retail Segment

The retail segment is one of the most competitive segments around. You’re likely going to be competing with numerous brands and products for customers and their attention. When it comes to retail, getting your branding right is essential.

 Fortunately, with Korpack, we can offer expert branding advice that will help you stand out in the retail setting. We’ll help you design not only sturdy, distinctive packaging, but also a great brand presence. This way, you’ll be able to stand out even on crowded retail shelves.

We can also help you design Point-of-Purchase displays and other retail display cases that show off your products and draw the attention of potential customers.

Whether you’re selling foods, including frozen foods, dry goods, or dairy, toys, electronics, or whatever else, we can put together compelling retail packaging and top-notch branding.

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