Protective Packaging Equipment

At Korpack, we understand the importance of getting your products to your customers in great condition to both to preserve the quality or functionality of your product but maybe more importantly, their perception of your company and how you much you care about what you are sending them. Therefore Korpack offers many different kinds of automated protective packaging solutions as seen below. We have Sealed Air Fasfil™ and PackTiger™ paper void fill systems that offer excellent protection and peace of mind knowing they use a material that is completely recyclable and biodegradable. We carry Sealed Air’s Fill Air, air pillow systems that can be one of the most cost effective options out there with the use of high performance films, we also have bubble on demand systems that provide a cushioning system that is much better than traditional bubble wrap, and we have Sealed Air Instapak systems that will give you foam in place providing on demand top of the line protection that will conform to your product and save a lot of your valuable warehouse space opposed to pre-made foam end caps are large bundles of bubble wrap.

These protective packaging systems are provided at little to no cost to you with agreements in place to purchase the materials they utilize from Korpack.

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