Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

Looking for an effective way to increase retail sales? One of the most powerful marketing methods is setting up a Point-of-Purchase or POP display. As the name implies, a POP display is a display set up near the Point-of-Purchase, such as a check-out counter. 

Every customer making a purchase will eventually go through a Point-of-Purchase, making it a high-traffic area. And as customers stand in line, you have a great chance of catching their attention, especially if you have a professionally designed and built POP display.

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Temporary POP Displays

  • Our in-house structural design experts can help design the perfect POP customized to your product's size and weight.
  • Our temporary POP displays are usually made from corrugated materials and can be created with either flexo or litho printing or a combination of both to be cost efficient.
  • We can kit these parts together and ship these entire units knocked down (unassembled) to reduce shipping costs and will provide a complete step by step instruction sheet with pictures and drawings to guarantee your retailer has no issues assembling our POP's in the field.
  • Korpack also provides the end to end option of designing, manufacturing, and building POPs in our facility and provide your retailers with a display that is filled with product and ready to place in the store with almost no effort. We would receive in your product to place in the displays, add any additional void fill and protection needed, place shrouds (covers) over the unit, add all required labeling, and coordinate all shipping.

Korpack's meticulous planning on the front end of any project provides us the ability to execute extremely large rollouts in very short time windows to retailers like Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Target, Lowe's, Kroger, CVS, Walgreen's and many more. Our 3D rendering capabilities will let you see almost exactly what your POP will look like and our augmented viewer will actually show you or your client your new display virtually placed inside the store of your choice.

Permanent POP Displays

If you are looking for more of a permanent display, we can provide both design services and assembly of those as well. For our permanent displays we can use a wide variety of materials including, wood, metal, glass, acrylic, and more.

Point Of Purchase Display

Besides temporary and permanent a POP Display can come in many forms, including:

Free Standing Display Units (FSDU)- Especially effective, these are usually large and set a bit away from the checkout counter. Really draws the eyes.

Counter Display Units (CDU)- Set on top of the checkout counter, putting your products right in the customer’s view.

Strut Cards- Moderately sized free-standing cards that you can use to advertise your brand and products.

Other popular options include: dummy packs, hanging signs, standees, endcaps, display packs, display stands, banners, and posters.

No matter the POP display you chose, you’re making a good choice. POP displays are highly effective for retail packaging. Which is the best choice? If you have questions regarding which POP displays will be most effective, get in touch with Korpack today. We’ve helped numerous companies put together POP displays. Beyond being a top-notch packaging supplier and packaging experts, we’re branding experts as well.

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