PolyChem™ PC1000SP Small Package Strapping Machine

The "younger" brother of the PC1000, this compact strapping machine is perfect for the space-conscious user. 


Cycle Rate: Up to 65 straps per minute depending on arch and package size 
Package Weight: Up to 100 lbs. 
Strap Tension: Up to 100 lbs.
Polypropylene Strap: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"; 
Electrical Requirements: 110V 60Hz 1 Phase 
Shipping Weight: 450 lbs. 
Optional: Photo eye activation
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Features include: 


  • Cycle speed is up to 65 straps per minute (depending on arch size)
  • German DC brushless motor technology
  • No belt, clutches, or pulleys
  • 30% fewer parts - less maintenance
  • Waist high quick change coil and strap feed
  • Easy access operating control panel
  • Easy access strap chute- no tools required
  • Front foot-bar pedal plus moveable foot switch
  • One peice strap chute
  • Sensor controlled heater
  • End of coil strap ejector / loop ejector
  • Electronic brake / auto loader
  • Adjustable table height 32" to 36"
  • Arch size 21 x 16

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