PolyChem™ PC Pro Automatic Strapping System

The PC PRO Automatic Strapping Machine incorporates the latest servo motor technology that provides the ultimate in reliability. This technology also greatly reduces moving parts and maintenance. These features coupled with Polychem’s XL strap coils add up to a lower overall cost of ownership versus other strapping systems.

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Features include: 

  • Full color touch screen controls with diagnostics
  • Four tier LED status light tower
  • Variable speed conveyor belts
  • Automatic waist high loading
  • Quick adjust legs 26" to 35"
  • Up/down stream interlock
  • Yashawa AC servo motors and drives
  • Fully Feature Machine with a Basic Price
  • User-Friendly Design/Full Colored Touch Screen Controls
  • Servo Technology Provides Ultimate Reliability
  • One Piece Track
  • Efficiency Log Program

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