PolyChem™ CB4000 Bundler

Designed for easy access to machinery and adjustable features.


  • Capacity: Up to 30 cycles/minute*
  • Arch Opening: 65" wide x 19.5" high standard, 49" optional 
  • Conveyor Height: 27" - 55" standard
  • Strap Sizes: Metric: 6mm, 9mm polypropylene 
  • Core Size: 8" diameter x 8" wide and 9" x 8"
  • Electric Power: 220/480V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
  • Air Power: 4 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Strap Feed: Fully automatic
  • Weight: 1330 lbs.




  • Cycle Rate: Up to 25 bundles per minute depending on arch and package size
  • Arch Sizes: 65" Standard
  • Conveyor Speed: Variable (30 FPM - 180 FPM)
  • Conveyor Height: 27"- 55"
  • Strap Tension: 1-66 LBS (5mm) / 1-110 LBS (9mm)
  • Polypropylene Strap: 5mm, 6mm, 9mm polypropylene on 8x8 or 9x8 cores
  • Electrical Requirements: 220 / 480, 60Hz, 3 Phase
  • Air Requirements: 4 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Shipping Weight: 1,500 LBS
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CB4000SQ With Squaring Capability

  • Full color touch screen provides user friendly operation, diagnostics and easy batch programming for quick product changes.
  • All electric 3 sided squaring.
  • One button setup mode.
  • Off the shelf Mitsubishi PLC, Yaskawa servo motors, drives and electrical components. All solid state photo cells and sensors.
  • Four tier LED status light tower.
  • Variable speed conveyor.
  • Up and down stream interlocks for communication.
  • Conveyor sleep mode for power and wear reduction.
  • Long life heater blade with fume exhaust system.
  • Both conveyor beds open a full 270 degrees for easy access and maintenance
  • Strap reel turns 90 degrees for good ergonomics and easy coil changes
  • Automatic strap eject at end of coil
  • Auto loop ejector prevents strap jams during accidental strap cycles
  • One piece plastic strap track for highly reliable and consistant strap feeding
  • Heaviest casters, legs, and frame in the industry provides durability
  • Dual pneumatic compression device for bundle conditioning 

Features include: 

  • Up to 30 straps/minute*
  • Machine designed with the mechanic in mind: easy access, easy assembly and disassembly, minimal maintenance
  • Mitsubishi programmable logic controller with input/output diagnostics
  • Outside easy loading reel with easy access
  • Fully automatic strap threading
  • Pre-lubricated sealed bearings throughout
  • Easy to understand control panel
  • Interlock connections to communicate with other equipment
  • Solid state switches and photocells for reliability
  • Loop ejector to eject accidentally actuated straps
  • Complete safety interlocks
  • Seven digit, non-resettable maintenance counter
  • Long life heater blade with smoke exhaust system
  • Heavy duty knurled steel roller conveyor
  • Highly visible machine status light pole

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