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What’s the most effective way to increase customer purchasing?

The retail environment is intensively competitive, and stores are filled with thousands of products. It can be hard to stand out. However, Point-of-Purchase displays and other retail display solutions can help you draw the attention of customers. This will help you build brand awareness and increase sales.

So how can you increase retail sales? Sometimes it’s as simple as providing a better marketing experience through the use of effective point-of-purchase (POP) displays, designed and constructed for impulse purchases and a fast journey through the marketing funnel.

Point of Purchase Displays by Korpack

At Korpack, we understand the power that a well-designed and executed POP display can have. Maybe you’re looking at increasing brand awareness through the use of a few endcap displays. Perhaps you need a large-scale true POP build for an entire chain of stores across the country – and you need a guaranteed fast turnaround. 

Korpack has the flexibility and scalability to provide a full range of support for point-of-purchase display needs no matter the size of your operation. Whatever your POP display needs, Korpack can provide the cost-effectiveness and flexibility you need to get your displays (and product, too, if preferred) where it needs to be, on time, and in the right quantities.

While we have the capacity to design, build, and ship POP displays for even a large chain of retail locations, we have the flexibility to ship flat items together along with well-written build instruction sheets for store personnel to assemble quickly and easily at the final destination.


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Point Of Purchase Display

POP Display Design and Fabrication

Korpack POP displays can be constructed from a variety of materials and can even combine different material types to create the best overall experience in terms of structure, durability, and design aesthetic. With a long history of experience in POP retail merchandising, we have the systems in place to ensure that your display solutions are both effective and efficient and contribute positively to your bottom line.

Additionally, we bring decades of expertise in a range of logistics services to ensure that every step in the process is as efficient as possible. We know our materials and machines inside and out, ensuring that every step in the process from design to engineering to full production is as streamlined as possible to provide our customers with the utmost in value.

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POP display
POP display
POP display
POP display

Why Are POP Displays so Effective?

Think about your last trip to the grocery store. Imagine walking down the aisle. How many products did you pass without even looking? Hundreds? Thousands”? Consumers encounter so many products every day that it’s hard for brands and products to stand out. Consumers are all but trained to ignore products.

That’s where POP displays come in. A POP display is set up right at the Point-of-Purchase. Now, imagine the last time you hand to stand in line before checking out. Suddenly, you find yourself with some spare time while waiting to make your way through the checkout line. This offers a great opportunity for a brand to make an impression.

POP displays are generally placed right in the customer’s view. A counter display unit, for example, will be placed right on the checkout counter. As the customer places their purchases on the counter, they’ll see the counter display unit.

Freestanding POP displays, on the other hand, are often placed in front of checkout lines. They are large and eye-catching. Customers standing in line will almost certainly see them. Strut cards are much smaller and usually display a brand rather than products, but can still be effective for attracting attention.

There are many other types of POP displays. Which display will be most effective depends on the specific retail setting, your products, and other factors. As packaging consultants, Korpack can provide expert branding and retail insights.

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