Packaging Supplies

Whether you need to wrap, strap, or polybag your product, Korpack has all the packaging supplies you need.

 Along with over 1,000 stock box sizes available, we also offer top-of-the-line supplies, including:

  • Tape & specialty tapes
  • Stretch and shrink wrap films
  • Strapping
  • Corner boards
  • Polybags (available in hundreds of sizes)
  • Material handling
  • Envelopes, mailers, & mailing tubes
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Inflatable Air Pillows

 Korpack has access to the most innovative stretch film on the market today. Thinner yet stronger than its competition, our stretch wrap weighs less and can save you 20-50% in costs. The best way to see this product is in action, so call us today to set up a free stretch film demo.

Corner Boatd
Shrink Wrap Films
Shrink Wrap Films

Packaging Supplies for E-Commerce

When it comes to packaging, e-commerce presents its own unique challenges. Korpack’s packaging experts have years of experience assisting e-commerce companies with the entire shipping process. E-commerce packaging presents its own unique challenges, but we can help you design and utilize world-class packaging.

E-Commerce businesses should remember that their packaging is one of the few touch points they’ll have with customers. You want to make the best impression.

Let’s look at some common e-commerce packing solutions.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes- The most common type of ecommerce packaging, corrugated boxes are a staple for most ecommerce businesses. Corrugated boxes are no mere cardboard boxes. They are made of three layers of material that work together to provide a structurally sound box that can handle the rigors of shipping. Your e-commerce business should have a variety of corrugated box sizes on hand so you can quickly and efficiently ship your products.

High-Quality Packaging Tape- Your packaging tape will hold your corrugated boxes and other packaging materials together. Cheap consumer tape simply won’t do. There are many different types of tape, such as recycled corrugated tape and acrylic carton tape. Get in touch if you need help selecting the right e-commerce packaging tape.

Bubble Wrap- A mainstay for ecommerce, bubble wrap is essential for protecting your products during the shipping process. Bubble wrap will prevent your products from moving around, and should they be jostled, will provide a soft, protective cushion.

Inflatable Air Pillows- Like bubble wrap, inflatable air pillows can be used to fill empty spaces inside your corrugated boxes. This will prevent your products for moving around and provide a cushion when needed.

There are many other essential supplies for e-commerce packaging, such as cardboard cannisters, bubble wrap envelopes, and more. Beyond supplies, the right packaging machinery, such as void fill machinery and tape sealers can help you optimize your e-commerce efforts.

As a leading packaging supplier, Korpack can help you optimize your e-commerce shipping.

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