Get Custom Corrugated Boxes Today with QuicKor®

At Korpack, we know that, when trying to find the perfect box, you often run into Goldilock’s problem: too big or too small. To make sure that your box fits just right, we provide our QuicKor® manufacturing program. Ready in as little as one hour, QuicKor® ensures that you get the perfect box every time.

Unlike most custom options, with QuicKor®, you don’t need to order thousands of boxes for it to be cost-effective. Even if you only need one, we help you save time and money by avoiding dimensional shipping charges for oversized packages.

Expensive cutting die costs for a unique box shape or size? Not with QuicKor®. Our manufacturing program allows for flexibility without incurring additional costs.

To get your QuicKor® box, simply give your dimensions to our design team, and we quickly generate a proof for you to review. You can pick up the boxes from our Bartlett location, or we can have them delivered directly to you.

Looking for large volume pricing on stock or custom packaging, we offer that as well. Please see our corrugated products page, our protective packaging page, or our retail packaging page and contact us now for pricing.

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