Protective Packaging

Getting the right box is only the first step. At Korpack, we know that to effectively get your product to the end user, you need it to withstand the stresses of shipping to arrive safely at its next destination.

Providing you maximum protection with minimal material consumption is our specialty. We create a world that works better by eliminating waste throughout the global supply chain including wasted material, energy, space, time, labor, and money.

Our protective packaging options include:

  • Inflatable air pillows
  • On-demand bubble wrap
  • Retention packaging
  • Foam-in-place
  • Paper dunnage and void fill systems
  • Corrugated die cut inserts
  • Polyethylene packaging
  • Polyurethane packaging
  • EPS packaging

We are also a Sealed Air distributor, giving us access to the best in industry shrink film, protective materials, and void fill equipment. Products protected by Sealed Air ship more efficiently and arrive safer through our packaging solutions. Along with equipment, we have an entire team of packaging engineers to ensure we are matching your needs to the right solution.

To keep your products intact and you—and your customers—happy, count on Korpack for all of your protective packaging supplies.

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