Packaging Machinery & Automation Solutions

Our custom packaging solutions are intentionally designed to deliver results. By actively aligning to the unique goals of your business, we enhance efficiency while delivering automated packaging solutions for any product. As your consultant, we offer insight into the perfect packaging machinery and automated systems needed to optimize your objectives. We would be happy to prove to you how implementing different automation solutions will directly, and positively, impacts your bottom line. As leading experts in the packaging industry, we are confident our expertise and partnerships will help propel your business forward.

Packaging Automation with Korpack

The team at Korpack is focused on choosing machinery and methods that are beneficial for your business. When you partner with Korpack, you will begin to experience these benefits:

  • Machinery & automation that increases productivity
  • Increased quality control & traceability
  • New methods, machinery, & products that increase efficiency
  • Machinery that can reduce labor costs and give a quick ROI
  • Leading machinery that increases consistency & appearance
  • New products that use less material without sacrificing strength to reduce costs

Our Packaging Capabilities

Korpack is dedicated to finding the best solution for your packaging needs. We have partnered with companies in varying degrees with both large-scale and small-scale production. Equipped to develop a packaging automation solution designed specifically for you, we also provide ROI studies to offer insight into cost and efficiency. We strive to understand your expectations, timelines, and products to ensure fast and effective packaging solutions. Below are just some of the machinery we rely on to make your goals happen:

  • Case Sealers & Erectors
  • Conveyor Lines
  • Shrink & Stretch Wrapping Equipment
  • Protective Packaging Equipment
  • Strapping, Banding, & Tying Systems
  • Weighing Equipment
  • Labeling & Barcoding Equipment

Our partnerships with 3M and Sealed Air, among others, help us deliver the most effective solutions and best experience for you. If you’re interested in talking with a Korpack automation and machinery specialist, contact us today!

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