Full-Service Packaging Services

Few things will have a bigger impact on your brand than your packaging. Your brand isn’t “just” about your logo, slogan, and all that. Your brand reflects who you are as a company. Your packaging offers an opportunity to show off your brand and impress customers. That’s why Korpack offers top-notch packaging services to companies big and small. 

Make a Great First Impression with Excellent Packaging Services

For many products and customers, packaging is the first impression. Eye-catching, sharp, and professionally designed packaging will draw the eye. On the other hand, if you package your goods in cheap or dull packaging, don’t be surprised if potential customers look elsewhere. Packaging Design

Packaging doesn’t have to be a liability. It can be an asset, Korpack has worked with countless companies to design branded packaging that will not only protect products but will also make a lasting impression. Packaging is both an art and a science, and when done right, it can become an immensely effective business asset.

Every company should consider packaging while formulating their business strategies, marketing, and brand approach. By working with a top-notch packaging service provider, such as Korpack, you’ll be able to improve your packaging and thus marketing capabilities.

Korpack is a leading packaging service provider in Illinois, but we service clients across the Midwest and indeed the United States. Our team of packaging experts has years of experience and plenty of success stories. Many of our clients have maintained their relationship with us over the course of years, knowing that we always deliver excellent packaging services.


Packaging Services Provided by Korpack

No matter your packaging needs, we’ll have a packaged solution. Whether you’re looking to make an impression at the store front or need to safely transport fragile goods, Korpack can design a packaging solution that will suit your needs. Korpack offers everything, from basic design to finished assembly. We also offer kitting, sub-assembly, warehouse management, and more. 

Korpack is constantly testing our products and designs in-house. Our packaging service experts are always tinkering and validating ideas. This has allowed us to build up a huge amount of core packaging knowledge. 

Packaging Services: Retail

When it comes to design, we focus both on protecting products and enhancing them. Our packaging can be part of the product, being highly functional and eye catching. At the retail level, Korpack offers a huge range of packaging services, including but not limited to: Litho laminated boxes, Nylon barrier printed pouches, jars and cannisters, and printed plastic folding cartons.

We also offer consulting services and can work with you to hone your brand and approach. Korpack has a long track record of assisting both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce companies. No matter your business model, you can depend on Korpack.

Packaging Services: Corrugated Boxes

If you need corrugated boxes that can stand up to harsh conditions, such as a long shipping time, Korpack is the right choice. Our corrugated boxes are exceptionally sturdy and great for shipping. When packed properly, you can rest assured that your products will be well-protected. 

Packaging: Kitting

Need kitting and a quick turn around time? We know many companies and contractors are working on very tight timelines. If you put in a kitting order by 6PM, we can turn the order around next day. So even if you have a huge order and need to get moving quickly, Korpack has your back. We can do kit counting, kit assembly, corrugated build-ups and provide other packaging services. Just let us know what you need and when you need it.

Packaging Services: Other

Korpack offers a variety of other packaging services. No matter your packaging needs, we’ve likely got a solution. We can help you increase the quality of your packaging while also reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. Sound too good to be true? When you select a top notch packaging service provider like Korpack, you can count on results.

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