September 01, 2020

2020 has proven to be quite a year, impacting people both personally and professionally. Countless Zoom calls, remote e-learning, screaming kids and various other distractions have many struggling to keep their day-to-day tasks straight.

Recently, a long-term partner of ours experienced a similar situation where an order, “just fell through the cracks” and was never placed. The customer realized their mistake on a Saturday evening and quickly contacted their Korpack Account Manager, planning to leave a message for follow up first thing Monday morning. To the customer’s amazement, the Account Manager picked up the phone on a Saturday and together they were able to get an order processed immediately. The catch, and there always is one, was that the order needed to be delivered by Monday morning or an entire packaging line would be shut down as they had no back-up supplies.

Service always comes first at Korpack and we pride ourselves on speed, so this challenge was right up our alley. The team sprang into action and the shipping department immediately came together to get this time-sensitive order together, for one of its most important customers. Countless items were picked, packaged, and palletized utilizing state of the art automation systems and then loaded into the back of the box truck as the driver rushed off to rescue our valued partner.

From the time the customer placed that frantic phone call to the moment our driver arrived at their warehouse with the product in hand was less than 3 business hours. Many companies talk about speed and customer service but Korpack truly lives it. Our relentless focus on the customer, our unmatched attention to detail, and mind-blowing response times are just a few of the reasons why Korpack continues to disrupt the packaging industry and has quickly become the fastest growing packaging solutions company in the country.

Doesn’t everyone deserve service like this? 

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