May 13, 2020

Korpack is working hard to meet the needs of our customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. We offer many supplies, including hand sanitizers and masks. Check out our COVID-19 resource page to learn more.

3-pls surgical masks, as well as N95 masks, have become hot commodities in recent weeks. Globally, the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in shortages and demand only continues to increase. Unsurprisingly, some unscrupulous people are trying to cash in by selling fraudulent masks.

There are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your employees, however. First, try to work with established suppliers who have been in the business for awhile. It’s less likely that a legitimate business will try to pass off fraudulent masks as real. 

If a company just popped up, someone may be trying to cash in. However, a new company isn’t necessarily fraudulent. Try to do a bit of research. Does the company provide a lot of public, verifiable information, such as the founders, an address, and the like? Are they registered with the proper authorities? A bit of research upfront could save heartaches and headaches later on.

Next, you need to examine your 3-Ply masks closely to make sure they’re real.

Determining if your 3-Ply Masks are Legitimate

Given how short supplies are right now, you might not want to waste a single mask. We emphasize. However, you’re going to have to sacrifice one of your 3-ply masks and put it under the knife. As the name states, a 3-Ply mask has three layers. So, cut it open and make sure there are 3 layers.

Typically, a 3-ply mask consists of a translucent outer layer made of non-woven material and designed to be hydrophobic. The middle layer is melt blown and usually white. An inner layer is made of an absorbent material and is non-woven. This layer will usually be either white, green, or blue.

If there aren’t three layers, you already know you’ve been swindled.

Is Your Mask Hydrophobic?

The outer layer of your mask should be hydrophobic, meaning it’ll repel water. Put a few drops of water on top of the mask and see if it’s absorbed. If the water drops roll off of the mask and aren’t absorbed by the fabric, it’s hydrophobic.

Put Your Mask Under Fire

Now that your mask is cut open, you need to make sure the layers are genuine. Some scammers may know that people will cut their masks open so they’ll make the masks out of three layers. However, each layer is made of cheaper material, such as paper.

Remember how the middle layer is melt blown? This means that if exposed to a flame, it won’t burn like paper. Instead, it’ll melt. If this middle layer catches fire, it’s likely a fake.

Finding Real 3-Ply Masks


If your 3-ply masks have passed all of the above tests, it’s probably legitimate. In search of 3-ply masks? Get in touch with Korpack today. As a leading packaging supplier, we strive to provide only genuine products. While our stocks are constantly changing, we will work hard to provide you with 3-ply masks, N95 masks, and more.