February 19, 2020

The next time you head to a grocery or big box store, pause for a second and look around. And we mean, really look. Notice how many products there are? Hundreds, thousands even. How many of them do you really notice on a giving shopping trip? Probably not many. Most products will pass by in a blur. A POP display, however, can help you stand out in a crowded market.

When most customers head to the grocery store, they’re on a mission. They need to get the milk, eggs, bread, or whatever else. They’re often locked in and while their eyes may wander from time to time, many people stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Yet the right displays can draw the eye. Today, we’ll highlight an especially effective display for the retail market: a Point-of-Purchase (POP) display.  A POP display will stand on its own, set away from the shelf. With clever designs, a high-quality pop display can be quite eye catching.

What Are POP Displays?

While you can set up a product display in any part of the store, POP displays are set up near the “Point of Purchase”. This is important because people are usually at the end of their shopping trip. Their mission is accomplished. And while they wait in line, their eyes often wonder.

This is where the Point-of-Purchase display comes in. The checkout line and nearby offer the perfect opportunity for you to catch the attention of potential shoppers. By working with a top-notch packaging supplier, you can craft POP displays that will raise brand awareness and sell your goods.

The Many Types of POP Displays

POP displays come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them can draw the eye. A free-standing POP display can be set near a checkout counter. Since it stands away from the counter and lines, free standing units do an especially good job standing out from the crowd.

Another great option is a Counter Display Unit, or CDU. These units are smaller and set right on the counter. Think of the last time you were in a smaller store or pharmacy with checkout lines that don’t include conveyor belts. You probably saw a CDU display and may have picked up some products from one, such as gum or mints.

CDUs work great where space is limited. If space is really tight, you could opt for a strut card. These free-standing cards will advertise your brand. These types of cards are especially useful for people who provide services for shoppers rather than goods. Think of payment apps, food delivery apps, and the like.

You can also opt for display stands, standees, and other POP displays.

The most important choice often isn’t the type of POP display but instead selecting the right packaging company. By working with a top-notch packaging supplier, you’ll gain expert insights and high-quality craftmanship.

At Korpack, we’ve helped numerous companies put together POP displays that move goods. Our packaging experts know what works and what doesn’t So if you need help selling your goods in the retail market, get in touch!