Selecting the Right Packaging Supplier: How to Find a Partner Who Will Meet Your Needs

Packaging is often seen as a small detail in the grand scheme of launching a product, however, selecting the right packaging could be the difference between success or failure for your product. Given that Korpack is a packaging supplier, you could say our opinion is biased but think about it for a second. Selecting the Right Packaging Supplier

What’s the first thing most customers will see when viewing many consumer products? The packaging! 

How many products are competing for dollars? Often dozens or more. 

What protects your products during the shipping process? The packaging! 

These are just a few of the many things you’ll have to consider when selecting the right packaging supplier. Indeed, finding the right packaging supplier can be a bit intimidating because there are so many options.  

Your decision on a packaging supplier could have a big impact on the bottom line of business. Put together the right packaging and you’re setting a foundation for success. Get your packaging wrong? You’ll be setting your products up for failure—that’s why we’re going to go various factors you should consider when selecting a packaging supplier. 

First, Take a Look at the Team 

We’ve been in the packaging industry for decades. We know there are a lot of talented packaging suppliers, branding experts, and more.; and we also know there are a lot of people who are, quite frankly, faking it.  

It’s easy to slap a logo onto a box, and it’s easy to use cheap boxes to put together “packaging”. Yet truly excellent packaging requires experienced professionals. Cheap materials and a poor brand are not going to stand out on the shelf and break you away from the sea of sameness, but, great packaging will. 

So how do you select top notch packaging experts? There are a lot of things to look at, including: 

  • Experience- How long have they been in the packaging industry? 
  • Education- Did the expert study packaging at a university? If so, what program? 
  • Passion- Is packaging just a job? Or is great packaging an aspiration? 
  • Results- How good is their actual packaging? How good is their branding? 

At Korpack, we spend a lot of time looking for the right packaging experts to join our team. We look at experience, but we’re willing to take top-notch up-and-comers too. We always review education, and often poach graduates from esteemed packaging programs.  

Additionally, passion is a requirement, not an option. When looking for packaging engineers and other experts, we always look for people who are passionate about the packaging industry. For Korpack, packaging is about getting our hands dirty and helping others solve their toughest packaging problems. Providing strategic consulting is not just a job for us, but our passion and our life.  

Continually, packaging consulting must deliver results. All the education, knowledge, and passion in the world doesn’t mean much if the execution is poor. Let’s take a deeper look at what results mean regarding the packaging industry. 

Next, Look at the Packaging Experts’ Products 

At the end of the day, the most important factor are the results. Does the packaging supplier produce industry leading packaging? It’s possible for an excellent packaging expert who never studied packaging at university to produce great packaging. Likewise, a packaging expert with little-to-no experience under his or her belt can still produce excellent packaging and consultative services. 

Results are what matter most. When selecting a packaging supplier and/or brand consultant you need to look at their portfolio of work. How does their packaging stack up against the competition? 

Tastes are subjective. An excellent packaging supplier could produce packaging that you simply don’t like. At the same time, results can often be quantified by sales and the like.  

Make sure you talk with your potential packaging suppliers about your specific products, brand, audience and more. Ask for packaging examples that match up well with your brand, vision, and products. 

Also, keep in mind that packaging suppliers sometimes help with branding and other times use an existing brand while producing packaging. If you’re looking for help with branding, ask specifically for examples of branding that the packaging company put together for a client.  

A key element to remember is that some packaging suppliers may excel at producing one type of packaging, such as branded jars, while falling short in other areas, such as corrugated products. 

So far, we’ve taken a pretty high-level approach to selecting the right packaging supplier. Next, let’s dig into the grittier details.  

Looking at the Details to Select the Right Packaging Supplier 

There are tons of specific considerations you need to consider when selecting a packaging supplier. Sometimes, an otherwise great packaging company should be crossed off the list because they are extremely expensive, or struggle to meet deadlines, or otherwise fall short in a specific area.  

Let’s look at some details you should consider when selecting a packaging supplier. 

Do They Offer Good Value? 

Some packaging companies produce great results but are exceptionally expensive. If you have a larger budget the number of companies that you have the potential to work with increases, but you can’t always directly correlate more money to more quality. It’s important to do your homework and speak with a packaging consulting to narrow in on your wants and needs. On the other hand, many companies are working on a budget. Make sure you take your budget into account when selecting a packaging supplier. 

Keep quality in mind, however. Some very affordable packaging companies are cheap because the products they produce are low quality. You need to balance quality with your budget. 

Can They Deliver on Time? 

Your business is running on a schedule. You need your world-class packaging delivered on time and to your specification. Make sure the packaging supplier you chose to work with can meet your timeline, not their own.  

Can Your Packaging Supplier Scale with You? 

Often, your first packaging order will be a limited run. You’re just bringing your product to market and are shipping only a limited amount. However, if the product does well, you may have to quickly scale. Make sure your packaging supplier has the capability to scale with you. If a great packaging company can only produce limited runs and not mass produce, they may not be the right option. 

Are they Certified? 

There are tons of certifications and regulations in the packaging industry. Take food, for example, there are a lot of requirements that need to be followed for food packaging. Make sure your relevant packaging supplier has the right ISO certifications and understands the compliance issues you might face.  

Does the Sales Team Know Their Stuff? 

Some packaging suppliers will hire just about anyone to push their products. When talking with sales representatives, don’t be afraid to get technical. Ask them tough questions. A great sales team will either be able to answer your technical questions or will refer you to an on-team packaging expert who can provide strategic packaging support. 

Do they Offer Warehouse and Inventory Management? 

Many companies turn to their packaging supplier to manage inventory. A great packaging company knows not only how to put packages together, but also how to manage inventory for their clients. Of course, if you manage your own inventory and warehouse, these management services may not be relevant but are a great way to enforce checks and balances for your packaging operations and inventory management systems.  

How is Their Customer Support? 

Problems can arise. Questions may pop into your mind after you select a packaging supplier. A great packaging company will provide top notch customer support and will be able to address issues with you. Make sure you ask about customer service and what their protocols are. 

How does the Packaging Supplier Handle Shipping, Invoices, and Other Processes? 

Business processes can be an immense difficulty to handle properly. This is especially true if your packaging partner doesn’t have their processes well organized. A great packaging supplier will have efficient, accurate, and responsive business processes in place. Proper processes in place directly correlate to timely quotes, customer service, and shipping. 

In conclusion, if you take all of the above into account you will be well on your way to selecting a great packaging supplier. Want to get in touch with a top-notch packaging supplier? Get in touch with Korpack!  Please call 855-567-7225 or email to learn more.