E-Commerce Growth Over the Years

Nowadays, it’s hard to ignore the value E-commerce can play on a product. It seems like you can buy just about anything on the internet and if you don’t adapt you may be left behind.

Currently, E-commerce accounts for $1.3 trillion dollars of the global retail market and most consumers are starting to prefer to shop online due to paucity of timeThis transformation in consumer shopping provides a unique window for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors. Everyone knows first impressions matterwhether it’s meeting someone for the first time or online shopping—the first contact a customer will have with a product is the package.  Packaging plays a major role in the perception of the product and can even become more significant when you add social media branding into the mix. 

Going above and beyond the individual purchase can be a key to success when distributing online. There’s a major problem however; is it possible to provide cost effective e-commerce solutions without pricing yourself out of business? That’s where Korpack comes in, finding the line between esthetically pleasing and efficiency. 

By utilizing our cost efficient materials,  our distribution centers and experienced packaging engineersyou’ll not only have the best all-around packaging for your product; you’ll have the peace of mind knowing we worked to provide you with the best solution tailored to your needs. 

The biggest cost savings comes when you switch your retail package to a ready to ship package. Largely, the cost savings is due to material reductions and better efficiency with dimensional weight. Some examples of this are 3M abandoning the plastic clam shell packaging for their command strips and placing them in poly envelopes so they could reduce its volume of packaging per strip by nearly 30%. 

Another way of improving current packing solutions to e-commerce solutions is redesigning products so they are more compact and uniform for ease of shipping. An example would be Tides new “Eco-box” which contains 60% less plastic and 30% less water than the traditional bottled version. Furthermore, this package doesn’t require additional materials such as bubble wrap which makes it more environmentally friendly and frustration free 

The good thing about doing business with Korpack is the versatility, we’ve worked with all kinds of companies to produce great retail packaging and efficient E-commerce solutions. We look beyond immediate factors such as boardgrade, size, and printing. We educate our customers on factors they don’t immediately see, like the effect of dimensional weight on shipping costs and the process of getting FFP or SIOC certified to sell through AmazonE-commerce is no longer a trend, it’s a realityReach out today to see how we can get you properly packaged for the future.