April 23, 2019

Cloud ERP Partner

Korpack is a rapidly growing industrial packaging supplier that started with Acumatica soon after their launch in 2014.

At this year’s Acumatica Summit, Korpack President and Founder Nick Novy and his co-founder Karlye Novy talked about how Acumatica has proved instrumental in their growth. Since launch, Korpack has doubled its growth each year, now with 30 employees and counting.

But Novy says that wouldn’t have happened without the right software – and the right partner. Like so many cloud ERP customers, Novy has been burned before. As he told me:

"I came from another company where I feel like we chose the wrong ERP system. It actually slowed us down rather than sped us up. So I was pretty adamant on picking the right platform for my new company, and I demoed about 10 or 12 different companies."

So how did Acumatica win the battle of the 12 demos? Start with Acumatica’s pricing model, which isn’t tied to individual user licenses:

"I like the no-user-fee aspect of it, because we have some people that are in the system maybe for a half hour a day. I really like the dashboards and the analytics side as well. The cloud-based system was really nice. It just seemed kind of easy."

Novy picked the right software – now he needed the right partner. In his case, their first Acumatica partner wasn’t a good fit. Novy didn’t want to dwell on that, or name names. Fair enough. Fortunately, Korpack was able to make an early course correction and find a better fit. Which, by coincidence for this article, also turned out to be NexVue.

Korpack had a different challenge: as a startup, they weren’t migrating older data. There was no historical data for analytics fodder or marrying to new transactions. Working with NexVue, Korpack selected default specs. “Some of them worked, and some of them didn’t,” recalls Novy. But it was a good start:

"The challenging part, so far, for us was we didn’t have any historical data to give them so they can start marrying it. We started with default specs and some of those worked and some of those didn’t."

Fabuwood and Korpack had another thing in common: they wanted NexVue’s support to push into analytics capabilities. I’ve written about how is using Acumatica as a data platform, including third party data. You don’t hear of many ERP customers who are integrating non-ERP data onto an ERP data platform. But it makes sense, when you consider that “a single source of truth” has less value with each piece of data that isn’t tied in.

Stern told me that Fabuwood uses multiple tools for advanced analytics and reporting. But using Acumatica as a data platform has paid off:

"It’s becoming much easier with Acumatica as a single source."

Analytics was a big appeal for Korpack from the beginning. Korpack is taking advantage of Acumatica’s Power BI integration, using Power BI extensively. So how is that working out? Novy says the real-time aspects are important. To serve Korpack’s customers, static monthly reports aren’t going to cut it:

"My idea is to really leverage the technology side of business to be more proactive on the service side of our business. So instead of spending a ton of time looking up order statuses and quotes, trying to look up the history of an item, I can actually be consulting to our customers and help them with their projects face to face."

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