September 28, 2018

ShockWatch: Impact Recorders

If you’ve ever opened a package to reveal a mess of broken items, you’ve probably asked a very reasonable question: “What happened?!”

The answer is probably some kind of impact. A lot can happen to a package in transit, and if you’re shipping products, you have even more invested in knowing what exactly occurred. We’ve talked about impact indicators, devices which show if a package has suffered an impact, tilt, or damaging temperature change. Indicators are a great addition to your supply chain, but if you’re having significant problems with damaged packages, it may be time for stronger measures—impact recorders.Impact Recorders Korpack

Impact indicators demonstrate that an impact has occurred, but they do still leave some questions unanswered. When did the impact happen? Just how much impact was sustained? Was it a loading dock slip-up, or an insecure pallet vibrating all the way across the country, or even just a really serious lurch over a pothole? Each answer requires a different solution. Maybe you need to change your protective packaging, or train your staff differently. Impact recorders can give you the information you need to make the best decisions across the supply chain.

How it Works:
An impact recorder, like the ShockWatch ShockLog, does more than demonstrate that an impact has occurred. It monitors and reports real-time shock, enabling you to pinpoint just when a damaging impact occurred, how long it was, what direction it came from, and the amount of force.

What We Like About it: 

Specific—With the right data, you can fix the parts of your process that aren’t working, rather than spending time on solutions for problems you don’t even have. For example, if you know the impact was sustained on the road, you won’t spend time and resources retraining your already careful handlers. You can focus on what happens during transit.

Customizable—ShockWatch offers a GPS module, user-defined alarms, and the ability to track environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Convenient—The units are self-contained and free of cables. You can program them for “wake-up values” to conserve battery life.

Damaged products are a waste. They waste time, transport, and resources. Impact recorders will help you minimize damage, and get the most out of your supply chain. To learn more about building an accountable supply chain with ShockWatch products, call 630.213.3600 or contact us by email.