September 28, 2018

ShockWatch: Handle with Care

While “This Side Up” and “Caution: Fragile” are good warnings on a package, there’s more you can do to safeguard your shipping process. ShockWatch, a Korpack vendor partner, offers products that don’t just remind carriers to handle your packages carefully, but track what actually happens to your package.

Transit can be dangerous for packages—there are a lot of ways a box can get bumped, tilted, or stored at the wrong temperature. Products get compromised or damaged. Damaged packages can increase costs and affect everyone along the supply chain—manufacturers, handlers, and receivers. No one is ever happy about a damaged product, but it’s usually hard to pinpoint just where and when the damage occurred and who is responsible. ShockWatch products allow you to find out. ShockWatch offers a variety of indicators, recorders, and monitoring systems to track package damage.

Impact Indicators: Fragile!
We’re currently featuring the ShockWatch2, an impact indicator. The bumps and drops that can occur loading and unloading packages don’t always show on the outside of the box. The ShockWatch 2 removes any mystery.

How it works: The impact indicator is a single-use device that is attached to the outside of a package and determines if a package has sustained impact over a safe threshold. Too hard a hit, and the indicator turns bright red.

What we like about it:

  •  The receiver can tell right away that they should inspect the package before accepting it, saving time for everyone.
  •  The device is highly visible, reminding carriers to handle carefully.
  •  It can be armed in the field.
  •  It has a unique signifier, good for traceability.
  •  It’s tamper-proof and promotes accountability.

Tilt Indicators: This End Up

Another great addition to ensure proper handling is a ShockWatch tilt indicator, like TiltWatch XTR.

How it works: The tilt indicator attaches to the outside of the package, and turns from white to red if a tilt over 80 degrees occurs.

What we like about it:

  •  Easy and obvious to determine if the package has been tipped.
  •  Consecutively numbered for tracking.
  •  Comes with a companion label instructing handlers how to receive damaged shipments.
  • The TiltWatch Plus even allows you to tell which direction the tilt was, with 360 degree monitoring that activates at a 30 degree tilt.
TiltWatch XTR

Temperature Indicators: Keep Cool

Some products are very sensitive to temperature, especially in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. An interruption in your cold chain could mean damage, noncompliance with industry or government standards, or even worse, compromised products being used, putting the end-user at serious risk.

How it works: Single-use temperature indicators record if your packages have been exposed to a temperature outside of a pre-determined safe range.

What we like about it:

  •  Available in many temperatures
  •  Clear indicator if package has been exposed to unsafe temperatures
  •  Equally useful to track warm and cold
  •  Greater safety for delicate products
Temperature Indicators

With a ShockWatch indicator in place, in addition to tracking damage when it does occur, you may even find that less damage happens in the first place. To learn more about building an accountable supply chain with ShockWatch products, call 630.213.3600 or contact us by email.