Retention and Suspension: Korrvu by Sealed Air

If you ship fragile products, you know that a lot can happen to something breakable inside a box. Products can slip and bounce around, or a box can get dropped or sustain impact. Products that are not properly secured during shipping can cost you a lot in losses and customer satisfaction. There are several ways Korpack can help you keep your delicate products safe, and one of our favorites is a product from Sealed Air: Korrvu Retention and Suspension Packaging.

These packaging systems keep products in place during shipping, and double as an attractive display within the box. They’re especially great for technology and electronics products, but suit a wide range of items. Korrvu packaging systems are even strong enough to be reused. We’re pleased to recommend them.

Korrvu Retention Packaging System: Keep Products in Place

How it Works

A clear elastomeric film pocket holds products tightly and securely in place.

What We Like About It

Great protection: No sliding, no bumping, no risk of damage from impact.
Easy to use: Simply fold the side flaps up to loosen the film and load the pocket, then fold them down to tighten the film and secure the product. Then all you have to do is slide the finished package into the outer carton, and it’s ready to go.
A complete package: The Korrvu Retention Packaging System includes inner assembly and outer packaging.
Space Saving: It ships and stores flat.

Korrvu Suspension Packaging System: Protect Products from Impact

How it Works

The Korrvu Suspension Packaging System protects your products using the airspace within the package. Products are suspended in the container between two layers of film held in place with a .

What We Like About It

Resilience: The design of the packaging and the strength of the film protects products, including drops.
Transparency: Products are protected and displayed in the transparent film.
Versatility: Suspension packaging is appropriate for a variety of product sizes.
Laptop System: The Korrvu laptop system is specially designed for shipping laptop computers, including two suspension inserts and an accessory divider to ensure delicate technology arrives safe and sound.

Looking for further protection or insurance for your product? Add Shockwatch to ensure your product arrives the way it was intended.

To learn more about using Korrvu packaging systems or Shockwatch to protect your products, call 630.213.3600 or contact us by email.