September 28, 2018

QuicKor Custom Boxes

Sometimes you need a special box—one designed just for your product. If you’re looking at stock box options and starting to feel like Goldilocks, only finding boxes that are too big or too small, you’ll find a custom box may be “just right.” When our broad range of stock boxes doesn’t quite fit your packaging needs, it’s time for a custom solution: QuicKor Custom Boxes.

“Custom” might sound expensive and time consuming, but our QuicKor manufacturing system is both cost effective and time efficient. QuicKor allows us to offer affordable options that would be expensive using traditional methods, like same-day turn around and orders of any size. It’s really a packaging game-changer, and we’re proud to offer it to our customers.

Cost Effective

Whether you need one box or thousands, we’ll find a way to save you money by avoiding dimensional shipping charges. You can order the exact number of boxes you need—avoiding extra costs and wasted materials from overages. QuicKor can also meet unique box shape needs without incurring extra costs—an alternative to expensive cutting dies. Custom boxes also save you the time, money, and materials you were spending trying to make a wrong-sized box work.

Custom Corrugated Box Calculator

Our QuicKor custom box calculator takes out all the guesswork!

Time Efficient

QuicKor is fast. Really fast. We call it “Same Day Corrugated” and that’s not an exaggeration. We can make a box to your specifications within an hour. Approve your sample, and we’ll get started on your boxes right away. They can be picked up at our Bartlett, Illinois, location, or delivered directly to you.

Calculate Now

Wondering just how much your custom box project would cost? Our QuicKor custom box calculator takes out all the guesswork. Just enter your desired dimensions, box strength, and quantity, and you’ll get a quote automatically. No waiting, no worries, no aggressive sales pitch. We believe the calculation will speak for itself. Of course, if you prefer to talk it out with an actual, knowledgeable human being, you’re welcome to call us for a quote.

A custom box doesn’t have to be a luxury. To learn more about QuicKor or to get started designing your custom packaging, call 630.213.3600 or contact us by email.