September 28, 2018

Automated Packaging Machines

There are Packaging Machines for automation at every step of the packaging process.

If you were only producing and shipping a few products a month, it might make sense for you to pack everything by hand. Assembling boxes, filling them, closing them, securing them—it’s not a burden if you’re only doing three packages. Chance are, you have more than three packages to deal with. As soon as you’re producing at any significant volume, automating your packaging process is only sensible. Packaging machines are here to help.

The biggest benefits of automation are the savings you’ll see in time and labor, which translate to saving costs. Automated systems take fewer people to run, and work faster and more efficiently. When you automate your packaging, you can reroute staff to other tasks, and spend less time on cutting tape or building boxes.

There are options for automation at every step of the packaging process, from erecting a box to labeling it for shipping. Whether you want an entire packaging assembling line, or just a machine to make your bubble on demand, packaging machines will make a big difference in your productivity. That’s why we’ve partnered with some great vendors to provide you with excellent machines to automate your packaging.

We offer:

  • Case sealers and erectors to assemble your boxes and seal them tightly and evenly.
  • Conveyor lines to move your boxes from station to station automatically.
  • Shrink and stretch wrapping equipment to protect and contain your products
  • Protective packaging equipment to help your products arrive safely.
  • Strapping, banding, and tying systems to secure your packages for shipping.
  • Weighing equipment to measure shipping costs and discover any discrepancies between packages.
  • Labeling and bar coding equipment to make your packages easy to track.

At Korpack, we are first and foremost packaging consultants –we want to help you find the best solutions for your packaging needs. To learn more about getting the most out of automation, call 630.213.3600 or contact us by email.