September 28, 2018

Holiday Packaging Solutions 

People pay attention to packaging year-round, but never so much as during the holiday season. It’s a time when packaging is on the brain—wrapping paper, pretty boxes under the tree, brown paper packages tied up with strings….

As a retailer, you know how busy this season gets, and how fast it happens. Not to incite panic, but Black Friday is officially 15 days away. This holiday season, save yourself the scramble and get ready with your packaging supplies early.

Make a list, check it twice.

Since Korpack specializes in packaging solutions year-round, it won’t be a surprise that we have your holiday packaging needs covered. We’ve even prepared a checklist for you.

Holiday Retail Packaging Needs: 

Wrapping Korpack

  •  Wrapping
  •  Bags
  •  Boxes
  •  Tape
  •  Tissue
  •  Special Solutions


Available in rolls and sheets, kraft paper is a versatile wrapping option. It’s sturdy enough to
wrap packages for the mail, but still can look sophisticated under the tree. You can stamp it with your logo, add a special tag, or otherwise customize it for your customers.


We have many paper bag products, but one of the best for the holidays are our kraft-tinted paper shopping bags. They’re sturdy, can stand up on their own, and come in a variety of colors—including red and green!


Gift Boxes


Nothing beats a box for neat presentation and protecting the item inside. Korpack offers gift boxes in a wide variety of sizes, and take a look at our Holiday Red gift boxes! Perfect for the season.


No matter how much tape you currently have in your store, it’s probably not quite enough. Someone is still going to be trying to wrap something for a customer, only to discover that she can’t find any tape.  Stock up! You can never have too much packaging tape. You will always use it. While you’re at it, get an extra tape dispenser, too. Your employees will thank you.


Protect your products with tissue paper—we offer large rolls of white tissue paper and packages of white and colorful tissue sheets. Our colored tissue paper is specially dyed to resist bleeding—you don’t need to worry about it staining your products.

gift bags korpack

Merchandise Bags

Special Solutions

Is your product of an unusual size or shape? Are standard boxes a bad fit for it? We have the solution. Our QuicKor manufacturing program creates custom corrugated products—boxes made to your specifications, fast. Really fast. Within an hour, fast. Unlike other custom packaging option, with QuicKor you won’t need to order a large volume of boxes to be cost-effective. We’ll even make just one box, if that’s what you really need.
This holiday season, check off all your packaging needs with Korpack. Whether you need boxes, gift bags, decorative tissues, or a custom solution, our products will give you the best presentation. To find out more about retail packaging, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  For more information or a quote, call 630.213.3600 or contact us by email.