September 28, 2018

Growing Packaging to Grow Profits

Growing Packaging to Grow Profits

Protective packaging has one basic purpose—to protect a product so that it reaches its destination in an undamaged condition that allows it to be used or sold. As vital as this function is to our economy, packaging also creates an immense problem after it has fulfilled its role and reaches the landfills of our cities.

As part of Korpack’s unique brand of strategic packaging support, we decided to do something. To protect the environment as well as your products, we now offer Restore® Mushroom® Packaging from Sealed Air, the first home compostable solution that’s grown—not manufactured—to meet your packaging needs.

Bottle KorpackIf you ever tried to open a coconut, you know how tough intertwined natural fibers can be. Sealed Air has applied this concept to a new process that uses the root-like structure of mushrooms to bind agricultural waste into a strong, all natural composite that provides exceptional protection and cushioning. The material is crushed and poured into custom designed forms where it actually grows into its final shape, resulting in a custom-engineered cushion built around the unique shape and contours of your product. Since the package is custom designed to your product, it reduces material waste, cube size and product damage.

Custom-engineered designs provide just the right amount of protection using the least amount of material. The result is a super strong protective package that is completely bio-based and home compostable, allowing for easy and environmentally sound disposal when the packaging has done its job.

While mushroom packaging is moldable and protects just as well as polystyrene products like Styrofoam™, it is derived from 100% renewable materials using a low-energy process. This means savings for you and a better environment for us all.

Not only does your product arrive at its destination with a high survival rate, you have reduced the amount of material that is choking our landfills and, in addition, have the opportunity to return vital nutrients to the soil for the next growing cycle.

Naturally you want packaging that gives full protection to your product. You also want cost effectiveness that comes from a custom design that means less packaging weight and smaller dimensions. Add additional cost savings with materials that come from a renewable natural source instead of costly foreign petroleum and you can begin to see the value that Restore Mushroom Packaging can mean for you.

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