September 28, 2018

QuicKorTM Manufacturing Program

corrugated packaging korpack

With dimensional shipping charges instituted by FedEx and UPS this year, it’s more important than ever that companies use space saving packaging as much as possible. Having the right-sized box can save you between 20 – 40% on DIM charges.

To enhance our stock corrugated box offering, Korpack offers our QuicKorTM manufacturing program. We create completely customized corrugated packaging based on the dimensions you give us without the need for expensive cutting dies. With QuicKor™, you don’t need to order thousands of boxes to be cost-effective. Even if you only need one box, we save you time and money compared to traditional options.

corrugated packaging korpackThe speed of QuicKorTM is unmatched: we can deliver small volume orders in as little as one hour. This quick turn-around is ideal for industries, such as kitting, that often need to ship non-square items quickly to their customers.

Our machine can easily handle even complex box-making functionality, including longitudinal and transverse cutting, perforation, creasing, handles, and holes. QuicKorTM also supports reversed board feeding, allowing the machine to produce an unlimited number of box designs.

Our program has all the benefits of custom packaging without the custom price. Even if you just want one box, QuicKorTM packaging is a cost-effective solution to help you reduce dimensional shipping charges.

Interested in seeing QuicKorTM in action? Contact us today to discuss your custom packaging needs. Free samples are available by request.