September 28, 2018

Packaging Protection 

December is a busy month for shipping. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers alike are sending their products out for delivery in time for the holidays. No matter what you’re sending, at Korpack we want to help you make sure your products arrive safely.

One of the biggest enemies to your products in the transportation isn’t careless handling or a missing address—it’s the space inside the box. The empty space around your items (what we call “void” in the packaging industry) is what allows them to shift, rattle, and break during shipping. For safe shipping, you’ll need to fill that empty space.

If you’ve ever moved from one house to another, you already understand void and fill. If you simply stacked all of your grandmother’s china loose in a box, you’d expect to find a collection of shards at your final destination. Instead, you’d probably wrap it carefully and pack the box solidly to ensure a safe arrival. Commercial shipping requires packaging that is just as protective, but not as tedious.

We offer several fill solutions at Korpack, each one designed to get you the maximum protection with minimal material consumption:

Kraft paper is often a good fill solution. It packs solidly around your items to prevent them from bouncing around, it also provides enough pressure to push the box flaps back against the tape that seals the box, activating it. Korpack offers kraft paper in rolls and sheets, and we even offer automated paper shooters to speed up your packing process. These are available at no charge if you are ordering your paper from Korpack.

Bubble wrap creates protective layers to cushion your products and fill the box, Air pillows are another option to efficiently use air to fill the void in the box, but our bubble on demand system provides the best of both worlds, void fill and protection.

Expandable foam is good for especially fragile items. Korpack has partnered with Sealed Air to offer you Instapak Quick®— a “foam in a bag” system for foam cushions with no mess.

Loose fill is not usually our first choice. Traditional packing “peanuts” have largely been replaced by better, more efficient, and less annoying options. However, we do offer biodegradable loose fill as a more enviromentally friendly alternative to traditional peanuts.

If you find yourself filling a lot of packages, consider automating your process. Packaging machines like FasFil and the Fill- Air Rocket will have your packages ready to ship safely in no time.

Even Santa knows the value of fill—that’s why he doesn’t leave much space in all those stockings! If you’d like to learn more about the best fill choices for your products, get in touch with us today! call 630.213.3600 or contact us by email.