September 28, 2018

Down-Gauging Stretch Film Ups Savings

stretch wrapping

The process of stretch wrapping is an expensive one—not just in the fiscal sense, but also in terms of environmental impact. After all, it’s not like petroleum resin grows on trees.

A thicker gauge of stretch film means more—more stretch film used and more raw materials consumed. While pallet load integrity should always be a top priority, it doesn’t mean you can’t reduce both costs and film thickness by down-gauging.

Down-gauging is the reduction of stretch film’s thickness, and when done properly, can retain the same containment strength without the use of extra film. The thinner gauge means less film is used overall. And while it’s true that a lower gauge of film has a slightly higher price per pound, lower total weight ultimately results in lower weight per pallet.

stretch wrappingThe environment also benefits greatly from thinner stretch wrap. Thicker wrap uses more raw materials in its production. Down-gauging can lessen the strain placed on your pocketbook, and it also boasts a reduced impact on the environment. You’ll sleep with a heavier wallet and a lighter conscience.

However, none of this counts for much if load containment strength is compromised. At Korpack, we follow a rigorous process to guarantee the same level of load integrity while cutting film gauge and costs:

•First, using a pallet wrapping machine at the customer’s facility, a pallet is wrapped with the current stretch wrap. Wrap strength is then measured using a force-to-load meter.

•Following this, the stretch wrap is cut from the pallet and weighed, giving the customer the total cost of stretch wrap per pallet.

•This process of wrap, measure, weigh is repeated with the lower gauge wrap, without changing any other parameters.

•If wrap strength is found to be sufficient, down-gauging is recommended.

Down-gauging can reduce overall stretch film costs by 20-25% at no cost to the customer if package security is maintained. Korpack is meticulous in our analysis of wrap strength, ensuring that a reduced gauge results in higher savings and less waste. Our packaging specialists will optimize your stretch wrapping process, leaving you with a greener wallet and production process.

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