September 28, 2018

Custom Printed Tape: A Simple Branding Solution

Custom Printed Tape: A Simple Branding Solution
How do your customers know a package is from you? It starts before they even open it! Whether a box arrives at the door or is waiting for pick up, your customer should be able to tell at a glance where that package came from.

Custom Printed Tape Korpack

The packages you ship are a great way to draw attention to your brand. For some companies, the solution is a custom box—but that’s not always the best option for everyone. If the products you ship are of many different sizes and shapes, you may be wondering how to keep your branding consistent on the package, while keeping your costs down. Take a cue from Amazon and use custom printed tape! 

Like you, Amazon ships things of many different sizes and shapes. Instead of trying to design a branded box that works for products from teeny tiny bottles of vitamins to great big lawn mowers, in addition to their custom boxes and many times in lieu of, they opt for the consistency of custom printed tape. The tape is covered with their logo, and makes every box from Amazon look the same, no matter what size or shape it is.

At Korpack, we can create custom printed tape printed with anything—your logo, your company name, a message to your customers. There are several reasons we recommend it, including:

Custom Printed Tape Korpack

  • Cost-effectiveness. You can save money by choosing from our stock boxes (we have over 1,000 sizes) and customizing your tape. The same tape can be used on all of your packages—saving time and money.
  • Efficiency. Using the same custom tape on all of your packages is a simple way to stay on brand without adding extra steps to your packaging process. You’re already taping your boxes closed, using custom printed tape highlights your brand without any more effort.
  • Brand Awareness. Printed tape is eye-catching, drawing attention to your brand wherever your package goes. Your boxes become advertising, as well as packaging.

With custom printed tape, your packages will stand out from the rest and carry your brand wherever they go. To learn more about branded packaging, get in touch with us today! Call 630.213.3600 or contact us by email.