September 28, 2018

Custom Packaging for Monthly Subscription Boxes

“Subscription Services are Booming”

Who doesn’t love getting a monthly surprise in the mail? Monthly subscription services are booming, supplying boxes of treats of all kinds to happy customers. We’re way beyond the Wine of the Month Club these days—there are subscriptions for practically everything. From snacks to makeup, from pet treats to cleaning supplies, a huge variety of boxes are shipping out every month.

Of course, at Korpack, we’re just as interested in the boxes themselves as we are in what’s in them. Monthly subscription boxes are a great opportunity to use custom packaging.

Custom packaging is our specialty. Korpack offers great options for customizing your packaging, from putting your logo on a white 1-6 color corrugated box, to bright flood coated boxes, to our QuicKor custom corrugated cardboard manufacturing program.

If you’re sending out a monthly subscription, custom packaging will help build excitement for your products, while enhancing your brand.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Photo Credit: GamerCrates

Custom Packaging Builds Excitement

Custom packaging makes your customer’s experience special before they even open the box. Check out the Green Kid Crafts boxes. Brightly colored and covered in a cheerful design, you begin to anticipate the fun inside as soon as you see it on your doorstep. Excitement isn’t just for kids’ stuff. Look at the GamerCrates.That custom corrugated cardboard container creates anticipation for grown-up gamers, too.

Custom Packaging Enhances Your Brand

The packages in which you send your products are a branding opportunity. You have to send your products in something, so why not make it something that advertises your products? Then everyone who handles it is exposed to your brand, and a box sitting in a lobby becomes an advertisement.

Custom packaging allows you to use a box that’s consistent with your branding, and carry that messaging through the entire subscription experience. Take a look at the Terra Bella Box. The natural beauty company ships in a natural cardboard box with green leaves and a slogan—right on brand. Bespoke Post boxes are elegant and masculine, in a distinct color, and display a hashtag. The box is doing more than holding products—it’s selling the brand.

Custom Packaging Meets Your Unique Needs

Custom packaging allows you to suit the box to your product, instead of trying to fit your products into an existing box. Cardboard inserts allow Graze to keep snacks separate during shipping, and The Dollar Shave Club to secure razors and blades. Boxes can be made to your specifications, allowing you the best shipping experience for your unique products.

Whether you’re the Sock of the Month Club, or just ready for packaging that suits your products, custom packaging may be just what you need. To learn more about custom packaging, get in touch with us today! Call 630.213.3600 or contact us by email to get started.