January 15, 2018

Why To Choose Korpack

packaging korpack

With the launch of our new website, the Korpack team wants to take a moment to break the ice, sharing five characteristics about us that we think you ought to know.

  1. Korpack is not simply a stock packaging company. We provide full-service strategic packaging solutions. To best meet your needs, we offer a variety of custom packaging options as well as consultation available for all orders.
  2. We can get you custom-sized boxes in as little as one hour with our QuicKorTM manufacturing program. QuicKorTM is available for low volume orders without the high custom costs, helping you avoid dimensional shipping charges by getting the exact size box you need to ship your product.
  3. We store your products until you need them at no charge. With our just-in-time inventory system, we can house your products at our warehouse for free up to 90 days, and you only pay for the products as you take them.
  4. Our design engineers help you find the most efficient process with a cost savings audit. Using their knowledge of the industry, our team analyzes your current packaging process from start to finish to determine how Korpack can save you time and money.
  5. Most importantly, Korpack focuses on creating partnerships that last. Regardless of how great or small your packaging needs are, the Korpack team is here to get to know you and collaborate on a solution specific to your unique business.

packaging korpackIn case the other five reasons weren’t enough, we also have a launch kit available by request. This kit includes:

  • A letter welcoming you to Korpack with an overview of our capabilities
  • Our brochure, which digs a bit deeper into how Korpack can provide the right solutions for your packaging needs
  • A Korpack wireless charger providing up to 8 additional hours of battery life
  • A Korpack notebook to use during meetings or travel

Now that the ice is broken, we want to know more about you. Fill us in on your packaging needs or request a launch kit by visiting our Contact Page  today. We look forward to learning more about how Korpack can provide you strategic packaging support.

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