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Want to stretch your company’s cost effectiveness?

Partnering with Korpack is one of the simplest ways to expand your buying power and boost your bottom line. Because of our systems, technology, and processes, we have the ability to be highly flexible, creative, and innovative in the development of every solution we craft for our clients.

  • We can meet the needs of operations of all sizes.
  • Our highly agile solutions give us a natural advantage when working with larger corporations – we can easily adapt our processes, even on the fly if needed.
  • If changes to design or manufacturing are needed quickly, we can leverage our highly flexible systems to incorporate and test needed alterations rapidly.

At Korpack, we enjoy providing our customers with the flexibility and full spectrum support of a large company coupled with the individualized attention (and attention to detail) that a small business would provide.

Let’s face it - working with a large national company can sometimes make it difficult to communicate and implement changes or adjustments. We’ve heard of companies that can’t incorporate revisions for close to two weeks!  With our capabilities, such changes could be implemented in just hours in order to meet our customers’ needs for flexibility and efficiency.

The Korpack Benefit

Our inventory systems create automated notifications and scheduled reporting when certain levels and benchmarks are triggered. Using EDI systems, once a client’s inventory goes below a predetermined point, this triggers an order to Korpack’s system, decreasing the potential (and cost) of human error.

As another way of serving our customers well, we offer an online portal to create the utmost in transparency for our customers. You can easily login and see details such as order status, pricing, and signed bills of lading.

With manufacturing facilities across the US, we at Korpack have the advantage of being able to act small and think big, guiding our customers along the way to incorporate feedback for maximum efficiency.

What difference can our approach create for you and your operation?

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