From metal fabricators to furniture makers, Korpack works with many manufacturers to keep their innovative products safe during shipping. We offer custom corrugated boxes, molded and die cut foam inserts as well as protective packaging, such as air pillows, bubble on demand, and paper void fill.

For the unique needs of the manufacturing industry, Korpack supplies VCI packaging, desiccants, and static control, providing the right environment for electronics and other delicate goods that need to be kept as safe as possible.

Korpack is also ISO, REACH, and EU compliant. This means that our team is aware of the high standards that the industry places on manufacturing corporations and that your success is dependent on exceeding those expectations. These compliances allow us to work with a wide range of manufacturing companies knowing that our products meet domestic and international standards.

Packaging solutions customized for manufacturing

Every manufacturer will have its own specific packaging requirements. That’s why the Korpack team works closely with our clients to design packaging that fits their specific needs and products. Packaging for shipping, for example, will need to be sturdy and able to protect your products in transit.

If your manufactured products will be sold at the retail level, you may need eye-catching branded packaging. B2B customers, meanwhile, can make a good impression with clean, professional corrugated boxes and other solutions.

Some popular packaging solutions for manufacturers include:

  • Corrugated boxes- Strong enough and sturdy enough to ship many goods
  • Air Pillows- Fill void space and make sure products are not jostled during shipping
  • Foam-in-place- Excellent for securing products
  • Bubble wrap- Versatile and effective at protecting packaging

Whatever your packaging needs are, we’ll be able to meet your specifications. Korpak is a leading packaging company and has worked with countless manufacturers across Illinois, the Midwest, and beyond.

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